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Our professionals build tiny houses with architectural superiority and sustainable living. We deliver your dream home in 30 days or less. Our luxurious and premium quality designs include Oiyio, Relox, Ooclee, and Myni Workspace models.


When building Supreme tiny houses, compromising on quality, comfort, and a style is not what we practice. The designs that supreme tiny house builders offer are remarkably customizable and equipped with all the basic necessities, such as insulation systems, Heating and AC system, quality roofing, sustainable siding, all attributing to an amazingly modern and timeless home.


Not only do we pride ourselves on our stylish designs, but we also guarantee that our customers will get the keys to their new Tiny House 95% Faster than anywhere else! You no longer have to wait 4-6 months to be inside your new Supreme Tiny House. In fact, tiny house builders in Houston we will have your home designed, built and delivered in approx. 31 days.


Living in a Supreme tiny home has different meaning for everyone. For some, it represents an escape from the rat-race, a de-cluttering of your life and saving time and money to live with less so that they can travel and experience more. For others, it means to fully take control of their lives and to live intentionally for the first time, cutting out much of life’s unwanted distractions and having a space to fulfil your passions and dreams. Whatever your reason may be one thing is for certain, you will achieve a higher level of freedom in your life than ever before.


Supreme Tiny house dwellers slashed their energy consumption by nearly half after downsizing, according to a new study by environmental design researcher Maria Saxton. Research also showed that tiny home residents’ average ecological footprint was about 9.5 acres, down from about 17.3 acres for regular-sized homes – a 45% reduction in energy consumption. So if you are environmentally conscious then going tiny is the road you need to take.


Custom Tiny Home Builders


Spread over an area of 26sqm, Oiyio is a tiny timber structure reinforced by steel. It guarantees ease with its finest mineral wool insulation system.

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Relox is a supreme tiny house made up of concrete, glass, and wood. It is a movable structure equipped with all the necessary equipment and connections.

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Such supreme tiny houses are flexible and simple, providing modular and hospitable living experience to residents. For more information, contact Supreme Tiny Houses.

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Now you can easily start your office in tiny, compact, and fully functional Myni workspaces. Contact us today, as our office structures are designed as per your needs.

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What makes us different?

How to proceed with Us?

The process of purchasing a tiny house and getting it customized as per your wish and desire is quite a hectic task. Understanding this issue, we have tried to make this process easy for you. Tiny House Builders in Houston have broken down the whole purchasing, payment, and customization process into simpler steps.

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Supreme Tiny Houses are Getting Trendy!

Providing you with energy-efficient and environment-friendly houses.

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Benefits of Living in Supreme Tiny Houses

People live in tiny houses for many reasons, such as to reduce pollution, reduce carbon print, get rid of debts/housing loans/bills, etc.

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Client Reviews

Amazed with the work that they do! If you are looking for a tiny house with a modern look then supreme tiny houses is the right place to go. The house helps me live a greener lifestyle which has always been a goal of mine. Their team is so friendly, reliable, and easy to work with. They delivered in just over a month. Everyone else takes nearly half a year!

Lindsey Burns

I got the OIYIO model. Amazing design, they use sustainable materials which they educated me on and had no clue about! Insulation is great and lighting is fantastic. Me and my husband couldn’t be happier! They also built and delivered the house in under a month which was mind-blowing! Great company

Sarah Dabrowski

The house looks AMAZING. Very slick look on the exterior and interior with plenty of storage space too. The guys are honestly great and the process is very smooth. They have great financing options, and they help you out with your credit too!

Cameron James

They built and delivered the house in under a month!

Allen Jones

I got the MYNI office. Great price and quick delivery. We put it in my back yard and it has been great since I work from home. Now I have an office that I can get up and go to instead of working from my living room or kitchen

Anna Nguyen

Let’s Get Started

Contact us for details. We are ever ready to solve your queries and provide you with solutions that fit your needs.

Let’s Get Started

Contact us for details. We are ever ready to solve your queries and provide you with solutions that fit your needs.


Supreme Tiny House Builders are one of the biggest advocates of the tiny house movement. Our tiny house builders in Houston tend to design the most sustainable structures equipped with all the basic house needs. Having spent ample time in the industry, we are clear about the designs that are suitable for building such houses. Being experts in our domain, compromising on quality and style is never an option, and pursuing excellence, innovation, and quality is always preferred.

The Supreme Tiny House Movement

The Supreme tiny house builders movement is on the go, and it is getting famous among all. This so because large houses are associated with a higher cost of living, and they are not environmentally friendly either. Tiny houses help you incur less cost of living, as they can help you cut down on electricity, water, etc. Last but not least, such a trend can also reduce the number of homeless people in the country.

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